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We are a group of article writers, songwriters, musicians, vocalists, teachers, college graduates and specialists in different fields, dedicated in helping our active military, veterans and families.

We are dedicated in bringing our readers new information needed to handle life, relationships, finance and other areas where information is critical for life success. Anyone will learn by reading our articles but our main purpose is to support those who keep our America free. We have original music that we wrote just to support our military friends. Our songs tell the stories about what it is like being in the military or a family member of a military family.

PTSD, Depression, Handling Deployment, Coming Home, Relationships, Transition, Injuries, Starting Over, Divorce, Love, Coping with a loss, Stress Management, Living with Chronic Pain, Dealing with injuries, Healthy Living, Empowerment, Long Distance Relationships, Partnering With Your Partner, Anger Management, Domestic Violence, Drug & Alcohol issues, Adjusting to Life & Family again, Transitions, Budgets, Financial Planning, Raising awareness about our Homeless Veterans, Suicide Prevention and awareness.

These are just some of the topics we cover on our site.

(Tamra Lynn Smith) – Then a Blue Star Army Mom with her son in Iraq is the original founder of She started the project in 2006. Lantern Lane came into the picture in 2008 to co-found the groups and also the website. Lantern Lane is no longer an active member on Project Troops as she is pursuing other life goals at the moment but her music and articles are here for you to enjoy. Hopefully she will be back once she has things less hectic in her life. Tamra is the mother of a disabled Iraqi war veteran. She is the daughter of a cold war veteran and knows what it is like to have a loved one in harm’s way. She created this in support of her son and it just kept on growing.


Project Troops was created in 2006 while Tamra’s son was on deployment in Iraq. It started with one song Tamra wrote for her son and that song was “American Soldier On The Line” with co-writer and musician Randall Johns. They then wrote another one “Every Day I’m Hangin On” with Randall, Tamra and Carmella Inchierchiera. This song hit the indie charts at # 1 and stayed on the charts for 9 months. The music just kept on growing with more songs being written by Tamra and her co-writer friends up to 12/2010. This is when the contributing writers and musicians agreed to make the Project Troops-”Artists Who Care” CD.
Our music has been used by many charities and events since it was created and is loved by many military families & veterans. The songs have helped many charities raise funds they needed to help people.  The Fisher House, The Veterans Memorial Foundation (TheVMF), Sheroesunited, American Legions, Operation Teddy Bear, Disposable Warriors, Songs For Hope & many others have worked with us to help our military friends. We do not make any money with Project Troops. All time and talent is donated.


Our goal is to bring awareness about the high suicide rates in returning military members & to raise awareness about PTSD among other issues. The song “Thrown Away Soldier” by Carmella Inchierchiera & Tamra Lynn Smith 2008 was written about this problem and other health problems that the veterans were suffering from. The song “Just A Soldier” by Rich Owen & Tamra Lynn Smith in 2009 is about PTSD and other wounds of the soldiers that still need help today”.

Tamra’s son had issues with PTSD and some other health injuries when he came home from Iraq as were many other front line soldiers at that time. We were trying to get the proper testing  done for all of our returning military members. We did help get the laws changed in Congress with the help of Chuck Luther from “Disposable Warriors.”

It is now a law that PTSD testing be done on all returning military members coming back from a war zone. Tamra’s son is still suffering with PTSD and other combat injuries but is out on disability now. The PTSD, anger, depression,thoughts of suicide is still a daily battle for him and many other military members coming home.

The suicide rates in returning military members and veterans are at their highest rates and very alarming for our country. Suicide is preventable with education and awareness!! Don’t bury your head in the sand and think it won’t happen in your family. It happened in Tamra’s family with 2 very close family members in 2 less than years. The threat is real and can’t be ignored! 

Since 2006 when we started Project Troops, it just kind of evolved to cover more subjects in our efforts to help others. More people have come in with special areas of expertise, which has allowed us to grow even more.

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Thomas W. Nagle stepped up to start writing articles for Project Troops in 2011 and has helped out financially to keep the website going when Tamra could not do it anymore. Alan Winn has also helped out when needed. Without the help of both these great people, (All of our contributing writers, musicians, professionals, vocalists and other members… there would not be a website here nor the Project Troops Dream… still alive and still growing today. Thomas is an educator and has been teaching business to college students for over 25 years. His mother (now 90) and father (deceased) both are World War 2 veterans. Thomas grew up being stationed in different Navy base areas while growing up.


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Lantern Lane is a co-writer on many of the songs featured on the Project Troops Cd- Artists Who Care, along with Tamra Lynn Smith, Lantern Lane, Greg Austin, Randall Johns, Kenny Lee, Rich Owen, Iam Nelson, David C. Sanford, Rich Owen and Carmella Inchierchiera (donated music but not on the cd) They have all donated their music and songs to help Project Troops. None of the contributing members make any money from Project Troops. It is strictly a volunteer project.

We will

keep the flames shining bright

so all can find the flickering flame when things in life appear too dark.

Our Goal is bringing new hope to those who need it.

Other Contributing members are Professor Thomas W. Nagle, Kenny Lee, Nadia McCaffrey, Rich Owen, Iam Nelson, Greg Austin, Carmella Inchierchiera, Randall Johns, Bill Modad Vann, David Sanford, Liz Anne, Alan Winn, Tom Lang, James Fisher, Brittany Fisher and many others who have helped us.

If you are a writer and want to write personal help articles for our site, please contact us at

We would love personal stories from veterans, family members, parents, Gold Star Families, and active military members.

Any self-help type articles may be used.

If you are a songwriter and have military related songs or videos to share, please let us know.

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We hope you enjoy our site

Legal disclaimer

Though we do have professionals writing for us like Professor Thomas W. Nagle and Liz Anne, We are not professionals in counseling nor do we claim to be. We are not licensed in any way to give you professional mental health help.

Our articles are only meant to share our own personal experiences with you and give you some insight and clarity into certain life subjects.

What works for us, may not work for you. Use what you read here as it is intended and that is as a reference only. We are not responsible for anyone acting on our articles nor how their actions may affect others with those actions.

(If You need professional help on any of our subjects , please call a licensed professional.)

(We are not licensed therapists!)

Project Troops is not a charity. We donate our music to charities so it can be sold on compilation CDs for that charity. We donate our music so it can be used as a theme songs for charities as well and we give away free CDS to veterans and military members. We give away free e-book copies of Thomas W. Nagle’s new book ” I Think We Need To Talk” Life Love & Relationships. Rich Owen, Greg Austin, Kenny Lee all perform live for veterans and military friends when they can. They try to help out with benefit concerts for other charities too. We have helped many charities over the years raise badly needed funds to help our military friends. Project Troops is self funded by our contributing members.

Please share this site with others if you love our site!!


If you wish for our writers to write about a certain topic or question, email us at and we will do research on what you need.